The secret of a Khiladi

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Of the many things that our B-town actors/actresses are following in the footsteps of their Hollywood counterparts, one of them is their pay packets. From meager amounts to the astronomical, there has been BIG changes in the going rates for our favourite heroes. Of course there are free flowing statements of well known or movie background actors getting more than their fare share but thus is the movie business.

But question who is getting the biggest slice of the income cake and you won’t hear a Khan. In fact for quite some time now it has been none other than Khiladi Kumar, Akshay Kumar that has been earning the big bucks in B-town. But try to pry the amount that is reportedly at the 23 crores mark and he hides like the best kept secret most actors make it out to be. “I don’t even discuss my fee with my wife, Twinkle.” said the actor when interviewed by Zoom recently. Whatever it may be, we know Akki delivers the goods. And more!

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