Top 5 Worst Costumes in films – 2010

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This year has been a good year for fashion, in fact it has been so good that we could only find 5 films that had hideous costumes, and when I say hideous I mean hideous. When you look back on the year and see how much Bollywood has developed when it comes to fashion the films on this list really did disappoint us. Read on to see which film got the top spot for worst dressed film!

5. Hello Darling

This film bombed at the box office and it wasn’t just because of the story, seriously did you see what the leading ladies were wearing! The clothes looked tacky and cheap! Let’s not forget Celina Jaitley’s hairstyle, not everyone can pull of a fringe and Celina you are one of those who cannot! Hello Darling comes in at number five because the story may not have made us laugh, but the poor fashion sure did!

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