Twelve film directors to make Anurag Kashyap’s The Last Act

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It is being reported that twelve directors from twelve different Indian cities have been selected by Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra and Chakri Toleti to make The Last Act. Each director has been assigned to make a ten minute film, which will then be amalgamated into one 120 minute feature film. There is only one main storyline in the film and each director has been told to direct different segments of it. According to media reports, the film will revolve around a psychopath killer who commits a crime and leaves twelve clues around the body. Each clue is situated within twelve different cities in India. It is possible that Anurag has chosen to set up this unique project under his production company in order to coincide with next year’s centenary of Indian cinema.

Speaking about The Last Act, Anurag had this to say. “I have always said that making a film is just about telling a story. And The Last Act is one such journey for us and 12 film makers that we chose from across India. We had seen it as just another collaboration, but it has taken such a large shape that it has stunned us all. It’s an exciting shot in the arm for indie short film makers.”

Reportedly, around 500 entries were made by budding filmmakers to contribute towards the making of this intriguing film project. We hope that Anurag’s next venture will go onto impress avid Bollywood fans that yearn to see something different coming out from the industry.

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