Two New Girls in Ranbir’s Life

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The two new girls in Ranbir Kapoor’s life are Shazahn Padmansee and Gauhar Khan, his co-stars from Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year, which debuts on Dec 11th. How did Shazahn find filming with the new generation superstar? “While shooting for the movie, we all got along like a house on fire,” she says, “The entire crew played pranks on each other. There were times when I too was made a scapegoat.”

Still only 22, Shazahn has already kissed Ranbir three times – in Rocket Singh – and has been hugged by SRK whilst making a TV ad with him – she looks destined for the top! The hug from SRK came after starry-eyed Shazahn told King Khan that she had watched DDLJ 25 times. The two also share the same director in Shimit Amin, who has directed both Chak De India and Rocket Singh.

Gauhar Khan is also hoping that Rocket Singh will put her on the map – she is in the movie from beginning to end. However, she intends to use the kudos she gains from the film wisely and is in no mood to rush into any new production. “I’m in no hurry to sign projects or be in the rat race for having a number of films in hand,” she confirms, “The issue here is to be known as an actor and concentrate on challenges rather than break my head over who is signed opposite me.”

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