Uday & Tanisha Engagement! No such thing!

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The media is on a roll with false engagement announcements and the Yash Raj family seem to be the target. First it was the alleged Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji engagement and now it is younger son Uday Chopra and Rani’s cousin Tanisha Mukerji’s engagement.

Kajol’s younger sister may not have the biggest hits but certainly comes in the limelight often. First it was her debut which was talked about since she was daugter of Tanuja, younger sibling of Kajol and cousin of Rani. Then it was her totally new avatar in Neel n Nikki. Followed by her “supposed” engagement to Uday Chopra.

However, when talking to “Times of India” Tanisha had one simple answer, “I am not engaged to him and would not like to comment further on the issue.’

Even though the “I am not engaged” part of her statement is rather clear, however the “comment no further on the issue” part sounds fishy. Almost as if the issue is too delicate to talk about. Delicate because it may be true or delicate because its absolutely false? well only time will tell.

Till then audiences will most likely have the chance to see Tanisha back with RGV’s in Sarkar sequeal in the same role she played in Sarkar although word around town is that Ash is being considered for the role. Once again another “iffy” matter in the life of Tanisha.

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