Udita Goswami Bounces Back

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After a year of no releases, Udita Goswami is looking forward to 2009. She has two movies coming out at the start of the year – Fox and The Man. But why did she take such a long break from her acting schedule? “Frankly, I had my own set mindset when it came to the kind of movies I wanted to work in. I waited, waited and waited but couldn’t find anything substantial coming my way,” she admits.

Eventually, a group holiday in Goa led her to reassess her priorities. It was at the point when all her friends were setting off back home to work that she realised she was missing something. “They all had something to do while I was unable to find a single reason to leave the holiday season behind and get back to Mumbai,” she explains.

Udita made a big impact when she played the femme fatale in Zeher but has not been seen in much since. Is she pleased with the way she looks in her two new movies? “I am working in Fox and The Man – both of which are action films with Sunny Deol in the lead. Both films give me a chance to do something that I haven’t done before. In one of the films I get to play a spy and have an intelligent look to me. I wear business suits along with specs and the role requires me to go way beyond just performing stunts”, she explains. “In another film I have a glamorous part to enact as I play the role of a publishing house owner. So you see I am required to carry off different personas and I am happy with the way my new innings has begun.”

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