Varun Dhawan Dubs for Captain America in this cool behind the scenes video!

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One of the film pretty much guaranteed to be a blockbuster all over the world when it hits the big screen on May 6th is Captain America: Civil War. As we told you earlier, Varun Dhawan is getting his chance to play the superhero becauase he dubbed for the Hindi version of Captain America and in fact played the titular character!

About this cool job the young actor said, “When Disney India got in touch with me to voice Captain America it tickled a creative box in my head. I have immense respect for voice over artist as it’s very difficult job to do. Captain America is a matured and a balanced leader. This is something that I am not. So that made it all the more challenging for me. Captain America Civil War is bigger better and the action is huge. It’s a film for kids and adults and the actual moral of the film is something I loved and believed in so I was very happy to voice it. I was blown away by the trailer and that got me very interested to take it up as a challenge. I have seen all the Avenger movies till now and this one definitely takes the Avengers series to a different level. I’m very happy to be part of the Marvel Universe. The film has an amazing connect with kids so that was one of the main reasons for me to do it.”

We have a special and very cool behind the scenes look into Varun dubbing for the film! Check it out!

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