Vidya Balan: “Eyeing” Pakistani Kajal

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Bollywood is full of superstitious people, ranging from Rakesh Roshan, whose film titles always start with the letter K, or TV’s once-upon-a- queen, Ekta Kapoor, who too has a fixation with the letter K, as with every sparkly-shiny thingamajig, which one can always see resting on her fingers, or the big red Teeka on her forehead without which she never leaves her house.

Joining the brigade of such people is a surprise entry – Vidya Balan. Laughs a friend of hers,” I don’t know what’s got into her. She doesn’t wear any brand of kajal except this particular brand which was, until recently, available only in Pakistan. She got lucky on the days she wore it, so she quickly did the math, and now she wears no other brand of kajal. She’s refused to wear all these expensive eye liners etc gifted to her… Luckily for her, though, that brand’s now available in Delhi as well.”

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