Vidya Malvade is Striking

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Vidya Malvade makes a striking addition to the cast of Siddharth’s Striker, along with Padmapriya and Nicolette Bird. She’s full of praise for her co-stars, in particular model Nicolette. “Nicolette is a very beautiful girl and is a nice actress too,” she says, “She plays an important role in the film. In the movie she looks like a pristine goddess from heaven.”

Vidya is slowly coming to terms with the fact that everyone confuses her with Vidya Balan, but she nearly blew her top on the set of the movie when a delivery boy refused to give here a bouquet sent to her by her husband, insisting they were for Vidya Balan. After that, it became a running joke for the cast who kept instructing new delivery boys to refer to her as Miss Balan.

Vidya is developing a bit of a reputation as a sports and games enthusiast. As well as her role as a hockey player in Chak De India, she’s also an accomplished carrom player as Siddharth discovered in their off-screen games on set. In addition to all that, she’s also into scuba diving and dancing. “I am grade 1 scuba diver,” she confirms, “I did my course from Lacadives in Lakswadeep islands and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever done because it’s just the most unbelievable world under water. And I am a salsa dancer, a kathak dancer and right now I do tap and jazz ballet; it’s awesome!”

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