Vidya Takes a Stand on Wardrobe

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Vidya Balan is getting ready for her next release the highly anticipated Kismat Konnection with Shahid Kapoor. Since she has been accused of wearing some bad costumes in the past, for this film Vidya says she had a say in how her character looked. Her outfits in last year’s Heyy Babyy were panned by everyone so this time she made sure she voiced her opinion.

Laughing she said: “I guess the media is seriously starved of news on me. People have nothing more to discuss I guess. Heyy Babyy was an aberration. But this time, I actually had so many people telling me that there’s nothing wrong in that Kismat… dress. In fact, it’s nice.”

She went on to say that before this film she never really said anything about her costumes though she was allowed too but: “This time, I’ve exercised my say completely.”

There are still rumors a bound linking her up with co-star Shahid but Vidya denied it yet again, “Linking me with Shahid is preposterous.” When asked about a quote where she revealed she had someone with a name with S in her life she retorted, “Oh! Can that only mean Shahid? I have so many people in my life whose name starts with ‘S’. In fact, those days when I had quoted this, I meant my ‘girlfriend’’ Saloni who was down from the US.”

The buzz is that her chemistry with Shahid is sizzling in Kismat Konnection and she was very happy to hear the praise. “I’ve always shared a good on-screen chemistry with all my co-actors, including Shahid.” She is not at all bothered about the eventual comparisons between the jodi of Kareena and Shahid in Jab We Met and her jodi with him. “Shahid and Kareena may have had a good chemistry in JWM, but that doesn’t bother me.”

About comparisons between her look and other actresses including the ultra thin Kareena, Vidya stated, “We’re not a part of the herd that we have to look similar. Each has his own style and that makes one liked or the other disliked. It’s more important to look healthy.”

Continuing on that line of how she is looks, she reiterated that she does not want to be called sexy, “Yes, I mean that. Sexy is now equated with shedding clothes, just like glamour is equated with wearing Western. But I think I looked both sexy and glamorous in Parineeta, despite my Indian look in the film. Sexy is all about the appeal one has in his eyes. But since that’s not how it’s perceived, I’d rather want to be called sensuous than sexy.”

You can see the sensuous Vidya when Kismat Konnection hits theaters on July 18th.

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