Vidya’s Expensive Weight Loss

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Who would have thought that weight loss could be associated with the loss of money? Well, Vidya Balan can definitely vouch for that. Balan’s whose biggest issue was her full figure is now contending with another issue. Her recent weight loss means that the actress can no longer fit into some of her designer clothes. And as some of these outfits cannot be altered she is going to have to give them away. Her late spring clear-out could mean a loss of up to Rs.3 lakhs! Having lost 4 inches from the top and 3 from the waist Vidya will be saying goodbye too outfits by Sabysachi, Priyadarshini Rao and Abu Sandeep.

Maybe she could get together with some fellow actors and hold a charity auction – She would get to show off her new svelte figure and raise some money for charity. Maybe this would make her monetary loss a little less painful.

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