Vimala Raman Dreams of Cleopatra

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Former Miss India Australia, Vimala Raman has not had the best of luck with her movies so far but things look set to change with Twenty:20, the high profile movie starring both Mammootty and Mohanlal – and it doesn’t come much bigger than that in Mollywood!

Vimala’s dancing skills as a Bharatanatyam dancer are used to full effect in the film but what would be her dream role? “I want to act as a devadasi in grand settings,” she says. “I would also love a role like Cleopatra. When I was small, I used to dress up as Cleopatra in fancy dress. If I get a role like that in films, I’m sure I will do a great job of it.”

Vimala can also be seen at the moment in Raman Thediya Seethai where she plays the lead heroine and she has other offers she is considering “Now, I have offers for a thriller and a comedy. Likewise, I’m also discussing an interesting script for a Bollywood movie,” she explains.

Vimala, who danced at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, competed with co-star Cheran on the set of Raman Thediya Seethai. The two hit it off together really well. They had a running contest to see who would reach the set first every day whilst filming in Nagerkoil. She usually managed to beat Cheran in getting ready and leaving first. Even if Cheran was the first to leave the hotel, Vimala found it easy to reach the location first as Cheran travelled in an ambassador limousine which turned out to be too slow in the traffic for Vimala’s little Scorpio. One day, Cheran called Vimala on her mobile phone when she was overtaking him and told her that the back door of her Scorpio was open and her bags were falling out! But Vimala knew this was a trick being played by Cheran to make her stop so that he would be able to reach the location first – and she still won the race that day!!

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