Vipul Shah calls Ash and Akki the garam jodi!

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Vipul Shah certainly has a dream cast for his next film Action Replayy. Not only does he have the hot Akshay Kumar, but starring opposite him is the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Though not much is known about the story of the film, it is rumored that it is a film about traveling back in time and is based on a Gujuarti play of the same name. We will all have to wait and watch to see what the story will be, but recently the director talked a bit about the film.

Apparently both Aishwarya and Akshay will have several looks in the film. In fact, Aishwarya has over 125 costumes. Shah told Mid-Day, “It’s a script requirement. That’s how her character is etched out. She is simply a person who loves to wear clothes and keeps shopping all the time. I had no clue that the number of costumes had extended to such a number that the girl who was managing her costumes kept coming to me for more and more space to keep them. That’s when I realised that the number had gone so high.”

He was nothing but praise for Aishwarya, saying to IANS that she looked gorgeous in every avatar, especially the retro look: “She looks gorgeous in every look but no one has seen her in retro look. It’s fantastic to see her in the new light.”

He added, “Action Replayy is going to show a new side of Ash. She is playing a character which has lot of humour in it, something she has probably not done very often.”

About costumes it seems Akshay is not quite as happy with all the looks he has to don for the role. In an interview for TOI, Vipul revealed, “Akshay, however, is cribbing about the wigs and make-up he has to put on… but he’ll do anything for a film and his role. I’ve got a dream team, really!”

Shah is surprised that no one has thought to cast them before and he just had one thing to say about the chemistry of the pair on screen, “Ash and Akki are going to be the garam jodi and the flavour of many filmmakers if their chemistry in Action Replayy is anything to go by.”

Check back here often because we will keep you in the know about this exciting film!

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