Vir Das does his First Solo Bollywood Song

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Stand up comedian Vir Das has featured in flicks like Badmaash Company, Namastey London and Mumbai Salsa, but the project he is looking forward to is Delhi Belly.

Vir has two looks in the film, as well as a solo song titled ‘Ja Chudail’, choreographed by Farah Khan.

Normally comedians are used solely for the laughs, but he’s glad that he had an opportunity to go a step further in Delhi Belly.

In the first half of the flick he will be seen sporting a curly mop of hair, while in the second half he goes bald. He said, “Shooting solo for a Bollywood song was a big high for me and a great deal of fun.

“Though the rehearsals were pretty intense, it was scary for me as a newcomer, like any, to work with Farah Khan as the only thought is to meet her standards. I’m sure her expertise made it all the more easy.”

Vir will squeeze into a latex outfit for the track and according to him, it was a tight fit. “It was the real challenge and there was absolutely no ventilation in the suit.

But at some point you just have to commit and dive in headfirst,” said Vir, who is looking forward to the release of his film on July 1st.

Check out this full version of the song!

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