Vishal Bhardwaj talks a bit about Kaminey

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He has wowed audiences with his films and his music and next up for Vishal Bhardwaj is Kaminey , which stars Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Recently on the Kaminey Facebook group, he talked a bit about the film.

About why he decided on the title Kaminey he wrote, “My intention was not to create gimmickry with the title. Since everyone’s mean in the film, it was apt. Some are lovable Kaminey and some are obnoxious but all are running high on lust and desire. Everybody was against me using this title, but when I bounced it off Gulzar Saab, he loved it!”

He also revealed some more about the genre that the film’s story falls into, “Kaminey is a caper and falls in a genre never been explored before in India properly. Initially I had thought it would be easy to write and make but it turned out to be tough to write and even tougher to make.”

According to the UTV Facebook page Kaminey is: “A story about identical twins, in early twenties, hoping to leave the squalor behind and move into a life of prosperity and dignity. But the similarity ends here.”

Intercut between the parallel stories of the brothers as they run to protect themselves, their dreams and their love. Until a point where it converges and the brothers meet to realize that they only have each other.”

Bhardwaj added, “The film has a wide array of characters who all have equal intensity and yet there is no time to establish them. One has to catch them in the flow of the story and yet make them memorable. Exploring such a territory and then topping it up with some bollywood masala and romance has been rigorous and unsympathetic.”

He closed the post with:
“Raat din giley (Day and night I have complaints)
Meri aarzoo kamini (My wish is a worthless)
Mere khwab bhi kaminey (My dreams are a cheat)
dosti dil se thi (My friendship was from the heart)
Yeh hazoor bhi kaminey (But that you too were a rascal)”

Kaminey is scheduled to release in late June, postponed due to the strike from June 5th. We will keep you up to date on all the Kaminey news so check back here often!

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