Vivek Attends Mass Wedding

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As the myth goes, multi-tasking doesn’t come easily to the male species. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Vivek Oberoi is a prime example of this exception. Recently, the actor took advantage of his trip to Colombo for the IIFA Awards and met with the Sri Lankan government to secure a charity project.

The heart-throb not only got the green light for the project but he also completely won the hearts of the local people as well as the organisations. His impact was so lasting that they invited him to return and be witness to a mass marriage ceremony within the district. However, this wasn’t just any mass marriage ceremony – it was, in fact, the wedlock of rehabilitated ex-combatants. The ceremony is part of Sri Lanka’s ongoing efforts to house the ex-LTTEs and give their support to many who have been shunned by society due to their informal relationships.

The couple were excited and happy to have the presence of a Bollywood star on their auspicious day. Oberoi signed many of the couples’ marriage certificates and wished them well on their new life together. The actor, who actively takes part in various projects to improve facilities for those in need, was seen dancing with the newlyweds and generally taking part in all celebrations.

Well it seems if there’s one actor willing to go the extra mile for humanity, its Vivek Oberoi. Nobody can take the “Green” title away from him after his recent, and very well-deserved, win at the IIFAs… but can any other celebrity truly match Vivek’s involvement and cohesion with the societies and people who need the most help? I don’t think so! Not just talented on-screen but also selfless off-screen… a rare combination indeed!

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