Vivek joins Saif and Kareena

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For his debut film as a director Rensil D’Silva, screenwriter of the incredible Rang De Basanti, has some very good names involved with his project. The film is not only being produced by Karan Johar, it also is going to star Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The incredible cast will be rounded out by the addition of Vivek Oberoi as the third lead.

Of the cast D’Silva said, “Strangely, these were the names on my wish list. And they all said yes. It was Karan Johar who had a germ of an idea. I developed it. He’s given me a free hand. Sometimes I get frightened by the trust he has placed in me.”

D’Silva, who has been directing commercials for years, said he was ready to do a feature film: “A feature film was a natural progression. The preparation for an ad and a feature are the same. I didn’t want to make a feature film until I was convinced of the subject. Such a short life! Might as well give it your best shot.”

The story of the film is reported to be about a love triangle between the three main leads. It will be shot completely in London and Rensil said, “I’m enjoying the process of making the film from scratch. We start on October 15. We wrap up in March 2009.”

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting cast and project.

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