Vivek Oberoi Announces Official Website

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Vivek Oberoi has announced that on Wednesday, September 16th he will be launching his official website! The site is for his “amazing fans”, he says and will give him the opportunity to interact with them in a unique way! In the video announcement that first appeared on Facebook, Vivek said, “I became an actor because of my passion for films, but I am who I am today because of you guys out there.” The site which is a “welcome into his world” will also include exclusive interviews, stories and other exciting things not seen before on a celebrity website and the coolest thing is that Vivek will be completely involved in every aspect! In fact, he is starting out with a bang and letting his fans ask him questions that he will answer on video!

Here is Vivek himself to tell you all about it!

So, Vivek fans get your questions in quick and get ready for the launch of the site on the 16th! Vivek is also getting into the tweet world and can be found on twitter at @vivek_oberoi.

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