Vivek Oberoi refused to light up as Paritala Ravi

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Vivek Oberoi has always been known as a star that talks about the dangers of smoking. Being a strong supporter of the ‘No Smoking Campaign’ he often tweets about it, making his fans aware of why people should avoid the habit at all.

For Vivek Oberoi’s latest flick, Rakht Charitra, the role required Vivek’s character to smoke. However, Vivek being true to his beliefs refused to smoke, as he did not want to encourage smoking amongst his fans!

Vivek also recently talked about working with Suriya on the film, “Many of you have been asking about my experience working with Suriya anna…so I thought I’d share….I’ve known Suriya anna for almost 7 years now and with every year he has only grown, both as an actor and as a human being with a golden heart! He was such an absolute pleasure to work with. 13 years in the industry and his enthusiasm and commitment only gets better and better! He has been a source of inspiration and advice and I treasure him as a brother. Recently he had a chat with me about marriage, about being a good husband and a good father…the beautiful experiences he shared, the advice he gave me…he touched my heart deeply…my respect for Suriya anna has doubled!!! He is the true ‘singham’ at heart :)”

Rakht Charitra is directed and produced by Ram Gopal Varma, it is based on the story of student turned politician Paritala Ravi played by Vivek Oberoi. It is set to release on the 22nd October.

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