Vivek to join army and make a romance

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Vivek Oberoi went through a really tough period a while ago but he is definitely bouncing back and is doing better than ever. His critically acclaimed portrayal of Maya Dolas was just the beginning of his rising from that dark period and now he has two exciting projects in the wings!

The first is that he will be back in an avatar that many of his fans have been eagerly awaiting (this reporter included!), that of a man in love. In the Hindi remake of the Tamil film 7G Rainbow Colony, Vivek will be playing a young man in love with a girl from his neighborhood. The film will be directed by Selvaraghavan, and it is being said that his role is really good but as to a co-star there is no news on this as of yet.

The second project is not filmi related but it is something that Vivek is very excited about. He has received an offer from the Indian Army to join in an honorary capacity. His father Suresh Oberoi has confirmed the news and said that he will not stop his acting career since it is an honorary place in the Army.

Many members of Oberoi family have been in the Army in the past and Mr. Oberoi, senior said, “My grandfather served the Army for 30 years. My dad was in the Army during the British rule, but he was thrown out because he went on to join the Bhagat Singh’s group. Vivek’s nana retired as a General.”

“As for me, I wanted to join the Army and had even sat for exams for the same, but then the environment at home was more inclined towards medicine- we have a neurosurgeon, a pediatrician, and my elder sister is a Indian dean at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. But, my life took a turn. Main doctor bante bante actor ban gaya,” he added.

As for Vivek, his father is very proud of the way he handled everything he went through and said, “Vivek was in a horrible situation. He was undergoing a very tough time in his life when he started working on Shootout at Lokhandwala. He had too much stress. The media had gone against him. He had lost his girlfriend (Aishwarya Rai). Any other person in his place may have taken to alcohol. But he decided to fight back. He gave his all while playing Maya Dolas. I think that his commendable performance in Shootout at Lokhandwala has proved a point.”

With both these projects and his new film Mission Istanbul, it is clear that Vivek has made it through to a happier place and we are ecstatic for him! We cannot wait to see his smiling-eyes once again in the new romantic film!

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