We Diss Bollywood Stars

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We have put our BollySpice writers to the ultimate test, reader. They all talk about being responsible unbiased writers, but are they really? We decided to put them through a trial. Each of our writers was asked to choose their favorite star and instead of singing their praises, which they are very good at doing, they are going to do just the opposite. Our writers are going to criticize, diss and basically call out their favorite actors. No guideline was provided to our writers except that they had to condemn their favorites. Easy? Absolutely not! Our writers had to shed their fandom and become hardcore critics. Not all our writers decided to take part. Check out our exceptional brave few writers who weren’t afraid to be “Real Critics” and how far they take are willing to take their dislike for their favorite star!

It seems the Rani Mukherjee I loved in some of my favorite films of all time like Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Chori Chori and Saathiya and the actress that stunned me in Black has disappeared and someone who is only half there is showing up on set. Adding to that her script choices really need some work, now since I am a fan, I have liked Thoda Pyaar, Thoda Magic, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag and Dil Bole Hadippa, but in all honesty they really were only okay films. Another thing, and this has always been true, is that though she does cry a LOT on screen, she really does not do it very well, it never feels real or honest… she needs to work on that. Rani needs to find the actress of Black, and even if it is a comedy, a masala flick or pure romance, she should put everything she has into her choices and then more importantly into her role. Oh and please, please, please take on something challenging! – Stacey

Akshay Kumar works harder and releases more films than any of the Khans and yet so often he chooses films that could have been good but end up ruined by incompetent direction; a total professional, Akshay always puts in a wonderful performance, but the films themselves are terrible. Submitting completely to a director is fine if the director is Priyadarshan (five, soon to be six hits with Akshay) but not with other directors. He selects things here and there without concern for his image (like Shahrukh), how much the public will like them (like Salman), or what kind of message they have (like Aamir) and adds no post-production input, leaving his image entirely in the hands of people like Nagesh Kukunoor (8 x 10 Tasveer) or Anthony D’Souza (Blue). Not very smart, Akshay. – Kara

Fine, he’s cute, sweet and courteous. But how boring is this act getting? When will Ranbir Kapoor finally realize that his charming ways are getting

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