Well Done Minissha! – says Benegal

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Shyam Benegal, whose festival favourite Well Done Abba finally gets a general release, is full of praise for his star Minissha Lamba, whom he claims has never received her just rewards in Bollywood. “That’s extremely generous of him to have said that, but it’s all right,” she replies, “I hope with this film my talent gets appreciated and I get more opportunities to show my potential.”

In the movie, Boman Irani plays a taxi driver, who decides to take a month off work to find a husband for his daughter. Minissha plays a village girl in a de-glammed role. “I had a very stereo-typical notion of a village girl, but this film changed it all,” she says, “I do play a village girl, but my character is not the typical subservient person, that we would assume a village girl to be. She is as opinionated, vigorous and has great wit about herself as any other girl. She is as sharp minded as she is sharp tongued.”

What does Minissha have coming up next? “I have a film coming up with Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor titled Hum Tum aur Shabana, which is again a comedy that will most probably release by the end of this year,” she explains.

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