Who’s Hot Who’s Not: Amitabh’s 70th Birthday Party

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Written by Meera Sharma & Prathna Tiwari

Legendry Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his 70th birthday last week in Mumbai and the party was a star-studded affair.

Stars such as Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Zeenat Aman, Rishi Kapoor and Kajol, to name a few, attended the birthday celebrations. We of course had our eyes on what the stars were wearing to the party.

Click on to see which stars were looking hot and which stars were so not…….

Meera: Abhishek Bachchan looks dapper and smart in his monochrome suit. Love the bowtie too!
Wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks stunning in her Indian attire. Even though the outfit is heavily embroidered it is not over whelming on Ash and she carries it off gracefully.

Verdict: Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are HOT!

Prathna: Kudos for avoiding a black suit Abhi but perhaps I’d like to have seen him in Indian. A jodhpuri or just a simple kurta. He just doesn’t pull off the suit effortlessly for me.
Aishwarya for once has picked a passable heavy Abu Jain and Sandeep Khosla suit. Although I still want someone to constantly chant around her “less is more” so that maybe she’ll finally get the hint one day.

Verdict: Abhishek – Not Hot. Aishwarya – Hot

Meera: Zeenat Aman ji looks stunning. This outfit is flattering and graceful. I am not however sure about the shoe choice but I will pretend I didn’t see them. Zeenat ji should have opted for some pretty sandals or heels rather than those shoes!

Prathna: I’ll have to concur with Meera on this one that minus the shoe the Don star is rocking the black Manish Malhotra anarkali!

Our verdict: Ignore the shoes and Zeenat Aman ji is HOT!

Prathna: Really not feeling the hectic anarkali which I suspect is another Abu Jain Sandeep Khosla sighting from the night. Loving the hair and shoe choice though. As for Rishiji, well he’s never looked bad has he?!

Meera: Definitely, Neetu Kapoor ji looks lovely but I am not a fan of her outfit. The print is too garish and loud however she does carry it off. As for husband Rishi Kapoor ji he carries off his simple black suit and bow tie nicely, perhaps he should undo the buttons though.

Our verdict: Neetu Kapoor looks nice but her outfit is Not Hot. Rishi Kapoor is HOT!

Meera: Shabana Azmi ji looks lovely in her black outfit. I love the hint of colour on the border of the outfit. Good choice of simple yet effective accessories. Javed Akhtar ji works his Indian attire nicely, showing us how to work monochrome into menswear.

Prathna: Clearly another Manish Malhotra like that of Zeenat ji’s from Manish’s Mijwan collection. Perhaps way to similar to hers right? She wear it well but then again wear anything with so much conviction, most probably because its part of Manish’s ‘Fashion for a Cause’ line which Shabana ji feels passionately about.

Javed Saab is in his poet avatar. Yes, thank God for a man who dares to work with monochrome.

Our Verdict: Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar are HOT!

Meera: Randhir Kapoor ji looks dapper in his suit. I love that he has added some fun to his otherwise plain suit by opting for a polka dot waistcoat and bow tie.

Prathna: I’m a sucker for polka dots so how can I say this is anything but hot!

Our Verdict: Randhir Kapoor is HOT!

Prathna: Really not feeling Hema Malini’s saree. Its slightly dated and OTT. Esha on the other hand made a better choice with hers, wish had not been as sloppy in drapping it and gone for a better-looking petticoat seeing as it is a net saree. Hubby and new damaad Bharat pulls off the grey suit well.

Verdict: Hema & Esha are not hot. Bharat is hot.

Meera: Hema Malini ji looks stunning in her lovely sari. Good choice of accessories. Esha Deol works her sari nicely too and looks ravishing. As for hubby Bharat Takhtani’s suit choice it is a bit plain compared to others but he carries it off well.

Verdict: Hema Malini is HOT!
Esha Deol is HOT!
Bharat Takhtani is HOT!


Meera: Boney Kapoor works his plain suit and bow tie. Sridevi ji looks ravishing in her red dress. She jazzes up an otherwise plain red dress by opting for a statement necklace that works well with her outfit!

Prathna: Sridevi continues her run of flawless appearances in a beautiful red gown. A statement necklace with this outfit could have gone wrong but for her thankfully it didn’t. Boneyji’s all black look compliment her well.

Our Verdict: Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are HOT!


Prathna: I’m not feeling anything about Mr & Mrs Nene’s look. Someone get them both fashion help pronto!

Verdict: Sriram Nene & Madhuri are NOT HOT

Meera: I quite like that Sriram Nene has decided to add a pop off colour to his suit by opting for a red waistcoat and tie, I do like this trend, take notes guys. As for Madhuri ji she looks stunning as always but I am not a fan of her anarkali churidaar. The pattern is not that great, she should have opted for something brighter. The gold shoes remind me of something you would wear to a high school prom, and not in a good way!

Verdict: Sriram Nene looks HOT! Madhuri Dixit Nene looks HOT but her outfit is Not Hot!


Meera: Vidya Balan sticks to her statement look and as always works this style of sari well. I do like her curled hair and accessories too.

Verdict: Vidya Balan is HOT!

Prathna: Sloppy pleated sarees are my pet peeve hence I am bound to pick on this appearance of Vidya’s. Owning one of the exact style of net Sabyasachi in beige myself I can safely say this one isn’t a heavy Sabyasachi that is tough to pleat or style, unlike the majority of his work, so why the laziness Vidya? The Red was striking enough without the long opened hair. It’s all a bit too much for me to handle.

Verdict: Vidya is NOT HOT.


Meera: Wow Deepika Padukone looks stunning. I love her black anarkali style churidar, which looks amazing on Deepika!

Verdict: Deepika Padukone looks HOT!

Prathna: I’m on the fence about this appearance. Loving the Rohit Bal she chose and the hair but the makeup is killing it for me.

Verdict: Outfit & Hair – Hot, Makeup – Not hot!


Prathna: Effortlessly hot in a grey suit and white shirt, John Abraham. As if I’d give the guy anything but a HOT verdict.

Verdict: Johnny boy is SUPER HOT!

Meera: John Abraham opts for a casual style suit thanks to the open button shirt. He works this look well.

Verdict: John Abraham is HOT!


Meera: Bipasha Basu opts for a simple white dress and works this look well. I love her simple wavy hair and accessories that allows her natural beauty to shine.

Verdict: Bipasha Basu is HOT!

Prathna: Isn’t it lovely that she opted for a gown! Loving Bipasha’s choice of outfit, hair, accessories and makeup!

Verdict: VERY HOT

Meera: Anupam Kher works his all black suit nicely. Wife Kirron Kher looks nice in her red sari. Her accessories compliment her red sari nicely.

Verdict: Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher look HOT!

Prathna: The Kher family looked effortlessly classy and Mama Kher provided the grandness to their appearance in her red silk saree. Loving it!

Verdict: The Khers are Hot!


Prathna: Kajol promised us that she’d focus on fashion when she had more time and she lives up to it! Flawless appearance in a kurti-pants set. Loving the sidebraid. And doesn’t Ajay just look smashing with stubble and glasses?

Verdict: Devgns are super hot!

Meera: Kajol opted for a simple look in this simple and unusual Anju Modi outfit. Although I admire that Kajol tried something different I am not a fan of the style, which is not that flattering on Kajol. The outfit looks very bare; Kajol should have opted for some jewellery. As for hubby Ajay Devgn he works his all black suit look nicely.

Verdict: Kajol is Not Hot! Ajay Devgn is HOT!


Meera: Anil Kapoor looks dapper in his suit as always. Sunita Kapoor carries of her heavily printed outfit well. I do like her necklace choice.

Verdict: Anil and Sunita Kapoor are HOT!

Prathna: Carrying off something as heavily printed as that is not easy feat to manage but Sunita does it well. And yes I too am ogling at the necklace. Anil Kapoor looks might fine as always! How he manages it with every appearance is beyond me.

Verdict: Kapoors are Hot!


Meera: Jeetendra ji carries of his suit well. Tusshar Kapoor opts for something a bit different by choosing to wear a silver suit. This would have worked better if he had opted for a silver jacket and black trousers or vice versa, the all silver look and open button shirt reminds me of some 80s dance outfit.

Verdict: Jeetendra is HOT Tusshar Kapoor is Not Hot

Prathna: Tushar’s appearance was much like his career, lost in the shadows of his dashing father!

Verdict: Jeetuji is Hot but Tushar is Not!

Meera: Sonakshi Sinha looks lovely but I am not a fan of her outfit. The border is far to big and bold making it very distracting.

Verdict: Sonakshi Sinha looks hot but her outfit is Not Hot!

Prathna: Definitely a big bold and unattractive border that ruins the outfit (designed by Manish Malhotra for Mijwan collection) which is sad because she pulls off a floor length anarkali, the dark makeup and hair quite well.

Verdict: Sonakshi’s hair and makeup are hot but the outfit is not!

Prathna: By far the best looking couple on the red carpet! Genelia and Ritiesh were stylish in every sense of the word. Loving the Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna gown and am so glad she styled it the way she did!

Verdict: The Deshmukh’s are sizzling hot!

Meera: Genelia D’souza looks ok, personally not a fan of her gown but she works it well. Riteish Deshmukh works his simple suit well.

Verdict: Genelia D’souza and Riteish Deshmukh are HOT!

Meera: Parineeti Chopra looks nice but her attire is awful. Brown and pink are never a good combination and this is a prime example of why – awful!

Verdict – Parineeti Chopra is Not Hot.

Prathna: Would you believe another horrendous floor length anarkali of Manish’s! Why Manish Why! A pretty girl just doesn’t deserve to be punished like this!

Verdict: Parineeti Chopra is not hot!


Meera: Kalki Koechlin oddly works this unusual outfit. As for Anurag Kashyap not a fan of this suit combo.

Verdict: Kalki Koechlin is Hot, Anurag Kashyap is Not Hot!

Prathna: I have to agree, had this Sabyasachi suit been on someone else I may have written it off. Sadly can’t say the same about Anurag’s quirky choice with the suit.

Verdict: Kalki is HOT but Anurag is Not!


Meera: Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan all decided to go for all a black matching look and they carry it off nicely. A bit boring but they work it well.

Verdict: Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are HOT!

Prathna: That’s the word! Boring! Thank you Meera. The boys definitely deserve the tag because they come off looking like clones of each other. Alia’s gown is quite lovely but a bit too promish given the event. That’s not to say she doesn’t look hot.

Verdict: Alia Bhatt is hot but Siddharth & Varun are not!


Meera: Prachi Desai has opted for a more mature look. I am not a fan of her boring dress. Prachi should have opted for a statement necklace to bring the dress to life.

Verdict: Prachi Desai is Not Hot!

Prathna: The dress indeed is screaming for a statement necklace and although boring I don’t seem to mind the Halston Heritage gown which was well complimented with the sleek hair do.

Verdict: Prachi Desai is HOT!


Meera: Preity Zinta looks lovely but I am not a fan of her outfit, the proportions are off. This outfit would have looked much better if the top half was longer.

Verdict – Preity Zinta is Not Hot!

Prathna: I don’t have a problem with the outfit as such but the dupatta is really getting to me the more I look at it. What’s with the metallic border. Always a shame with a pretty woman (pun intended) lands a less than pretty outfit.

Verdict: Preity Zinta is NOT HOT.


Meera: Not a fan of Arshad Warsi’s look, it does nothing for him

Verdict: Arshad Warsi is Not Hot!

Prathna: Um yeah what was the look he was aiming for anyways?

Verdict: Not Hot!


Meera: Aruna Irani ji works her black anarkali churidaar and looks great!

Verdict: Aruna Irani is Hot!

Prathna: Perfect example of less is more. Amongst all the glittery and shimmery outfits this was refreshing!

Verdict: Aruna Irani is hot!


Meera: Sanjay Dutt looks dapper in his suit. Manyata Dutt works her monochrome sari well.

Verdict: Sanjay and Manyata Dutt look HOT!

Prathna: Sanju Baba has let loose a bit too much for my liking and hence the look isn’t working for me. Manyatta on the other hand is rocking that saree! Again like Arunaji’s look this one wins my votes for being refreshing and not the usual OTT type outfits everyone else went for.

Verdict: Sanju is NOT HOT but Manyata is VERY HOT!


Meera: Juhi Chawla looks lovely in her bright pink outfit. Husband Jai Mehta works his Indian attire well.

Verdict: Juhi Chawla and Jai Mehta are HOT!

Prathna: Yay for a man in Indian attire! Juhi looks sweet as always and as always I have issues with the texture and cut of her hair.

Verdict: Juhi (minus hair) and Jai are HOT


Meera: Suniel Shetty although looks to me like he is off to a political conference and not a birthday but he works his statement look. Not a fan of wife Mana Shetty’s outfit – too much gold spoils the look and makes it look tacky.

Verdict: Suniel Shetty is Hot! Wife Mana Shetty is Not Hot!

Prathna: The loose dhoti-esque pants and kurta look is working for Sunil and how! Loving the jacket + kurta also. And yes like Meera, I too think that all that gold is just not healthy on one outfit and gets it a sure shot entry into tackyville!

Verdict: Sunil Shetty is SUPER HOT however Mana is not!


Meera: Sequin’s are difficult to get right as if they are not worn in the right way can look tacky and unfortunately although Shamita Shetty looks lovely her outfit looks tacky. Raj Kundra looks ok and Shilpa Shetty opts for something different and just about carries it off. I do like her necklace.

Verdict: Shamita Shetty is Not Hot!
Raj Kundra is Hot!
Shilpa Shetty is Hot!

Prathna: One to be very favourable to sequence even I have to say that look for Shamita has gone horribly wrong! Sis Shilpa on the other hand looks beautiful! Statement necklace and all. Raj Kundra looks not too bad also!

Verdict: Mr & Mrs Kundra look hot however Shamita Shetty is not!


Meera: Vinod Khanna works his suit, wife Kavita Khanna looks really young and works her sari. Son Rahul Khanna looks dapper as always!

Verdict: The Khanna’s are a HOT family.

Prathna: Vinod and Kavita’s outfit has gone wrong in more than one way. Perhaps a Desi attire for Vinod Khanna would have worked. As for Kavita’s outfit, boy that’s wrong on so many levels! Son Rahul however looked like the lady killer he is, as always.

Verdict: Rahul Khanna is VERY HOT however Vinod and Kavita Khanna are not!


Meera: What on earth is Sameera Reddy wearing?! Were to begin with this awful outfit and not to mention the tacky fluorescent purse, really Sameera?

Verdict – Sameera Reddy is NOT HOT!

Prathna: This is what you end up looking like when you’re so hell bent on ruling fashion blocks as Sameera seems to be. It just comes across as try hard and all wrong!

Verdict: Not hot!


Meera: Ameesha Patel has a knack for choosing tacky outfits; I have yet to see her choose something nice. The dress is unflattering and the shoes are hideous! Someone needs to get Ameesha Patel a stylist stat!

Verdict – Ameesha Patel is Not Hot!

Prathna: She’s her own worst enemy it seems. Putting aside the disastrous dress and shoes, whats with the lack of makeup and hair attention?

Verdict: Ameesha is definitely NOT HOT!


Meera: Sonali Bendre looks nice and works this dress well.

Verdict: Sonali Bendre is Hot!

Prathna: Can this woman ever look bad! Working the Falguni and Shane Peacock gown and how!

Verdict: Sonali Bendre is VERY HOT!


Meera: Urmila Matondkar looks amazing and regal in her outfit.

Verdict: Urmila Matondkar is HOT!

Prathna: another overdressed appearance by Urmila but its not her fault, its that Manish Malhotra gown. Really not feeling the overwhelming outfit

Verdict: Urmila is not hot!


Meera: Geeta Basra looks nice. Although her sari is a tad bit much for me she works it well.

Verdict – Geeta Basra is Hot!

Prathna: A distinct word comes to mind with this look of Geeta’s. It would have to be ‘tacky’. Hair, makeup, saree and all!

Verdict: Geeta is NOT HOT


Meera: Aftab Shivdasani works his suit well. As for his partner Nin Dusanj, I am not a fan of the boring grey dress.

Verdict: Aftab Shivdasani is HOT! He’s fiancé, not so much.

Prathna: Nice of Mr Shivdasani to finally introduce us to his future Mrs. They both looked effortlessly stylish.

Verdict: Aftab & Nin are both HOT!


Meera: Mahima Chaudhary looks nice and she works this sari well, makes a change from what I usually see her in.

Verdict – Mahima Chaudhary is HOT!

Prathna: While I love seeing a lady break away from the norm all that traditional grand silk is just making me hyperventilate. Maybe it just the way its worn.

Verdict: Not hot

Meera: Javed Jaffrey should never wear this suit again, it looks awful and a bit of a joke! As for his wife that outfit is not flattering and overpowers her.

Verdict: Javed Jaffrey and is wife are Not Hot!

Prathna: I think I should just reserve my comments as I don’t know what to say to this!

Verdict: Javed & wife are NOT HOT


Meera: Tara Sharma looks nice but her white gown is very boring and does nothing for her.

Verdict – Tara Sharma is Not Hot!

Prathna: Loving that Tara kept it simple and sweet. Perhaps a different clutch but apart from that a flawless look!

Verdict: Tara Sharma is VERY HOT


Meera: Farhan Azmi looks ok in his suit. Ayesha Takia is wearing far too much makeup; perhaps it is the angle of the photo but her face looks a bit fake and done up. Not a fan of the colours of her outfit, it is a tad bit Christmassy!

Verdict: Farhan Azmi is Hot, Ayesha Takia is Not Hot!

Prathna: Another appearance in which Ayesha goes too far. Someone get her help! Hubby Farhan was nothing special either.

Verdict: Mr and Mrs Azmi are not hot.


Meera: Divya Dutta works her little black sari nicely and looks pretty.

Verdict: Divya Dutta is Hot!

Prathna: Quite a unique choice of a saree for Divya and it pays off. Hoping that white thing in her hand is an invitation and not a white clutch!

Verdict: Divya is looking VERY HOT!

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