Who’s Hot Who’s Not (Star Screen & Apsara Awards)

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Aishwarya: Yes, as has become habit post-marriage, she is wearing a sari, but she also looks undoubtedly sexy. Granted, the little colorful borders take away from the grandeur of the zari. But the beautiful combination of gold pattern and short gold blouse and sheer, the see-through pale red sari lends the gorgeous woman a feminine appeal many of her recent outfits have been lacking.

Verdict: Hot!

Abhishek: Is your jacket velvet? Maybe it’s a bit over-the-top, but somehow his personality can take it. Bit on the boring side, but I guess wardrobe wasn’t his primary priority.

Verdict: Lukewarm Hot

Vidya Malvade: Can she explain this? I mean, the color is gorgeous and suits her well, but the strange pleats, the dipped neckline covered by a sheer fabric, the humongous slit with badly coordinated black tights underneath – both the dress and she looks terribly confused. Please communicate.

Verdict: Not Hot

Shahrukh Khan: What’s that hanging from his pocket? A keychain, some gangster’s belt, and the zipper from your favorite pair of jeans? Well, Mr. Khan should know by now clothes don’t make the best hangers for random clutter – please use the trashcan next time. Other than that, the colors are a little off. Although, I have to say, the glasses make him look quite intelligent and dashing.

Verdict: Not Hot

Salman Khan: Give up those jeans. Please, we’ve seen you in at least three variations of those. And you know you’re not a waiter, right? Cool glasses though…especially at night. Make you feel like Will Smith?

Verdict: Not Hot

Kareena Kapoor: Black and gold – alright, good start. And then, she screwed up nearly everything else. That shrug is hideous, the cummerbund from your role in Omkara definitely an antique, the ribbons a naive attempt at looking cute, and the necklace too heavy for an evening.

Lighten up, girl. Although, the extra pounds do suit her better.

Verdict: (Sigh) Not Hot

Katrina Kaif: That color isn’t for her, but other than that, it has a flattering fit. Perhaps a few too many pleats, but it’s a rare mixture of traditional and modern that isn’t unappealing.

Verdict: Marginally Hot

Vidya Balan: Woah there! This is a change now, isn’t it? In a very Rekha-esque style with Ishqiya twist, looks like somebody decided to take a risk – which paid off!

Verdict: Hot

Shahid Kapoor: This isn’t a fancy dress competition and you’re not the nerdy Uday Chopra in Pyaar Impossible. So, dude, what’s up? Although, you know, that tie is a little sexy…maybe if you were wearing only that…

Verdict: Not Hot

Rakeysh Roshan & Jitendra:

Jitendra: Whatever. Congrats on not screwing it up.

Verdict: He’s Old

Rakesysh Roshan: Wow, this is how it’s done. A non de-rigueur color choice, brilliantly matching trousers and blazer, and a tie that expresses a little personality. Way to go.

Verdict: Hot (for impeccable style)

Minissha Lamba: Great color, and just enough sequins and diamonds in the right places. The wrinkled effect works with this outfit. I do have to ask about that dirt on the bottom…was she playing some street cricket before the big event?

Verdict: Hot

Mugdha Godse: Your shoes! Chuck them out immediately.

Verdict: I can’t pull my eyes away from those shoes long enough to assess the outfit.

Giselle Montiero: What an unconventional, beautiful dress. It’s modest, just a little bit showy, and lends her a strong resemblance to a gorgeous Queen Cleopatra.

Verdict: Exotically Hot!

Tanay Chheda & Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala:

Tanay: So cool, man. Casual, relaxed, and totally unpretentious.

Verdict: Hot

Ashutosh: Maybe a little pretentious, but then again, he’s a little older too. And he wears it well.

Verdict: Pretty Hot

Shreya Ghoshal: This melody queen gets it right – almost. I like the overall effect of the outfit, but perhaps there’s too much going on. The churidaar is perfect, the style of the top is right too, but the sheer sleeves, the red, that maroon around her neck and most of all, the shoes! Phew, that’s a mouthful.

At first glance, it looks right. Definite room for improvement though.

Verdict: Hot

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