“Why can’t people imagine somebody single?” – Kangana Ranaut

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The Indian press seems to have annoyed yet another star with their constant need to link actors and actresses with each other. This time addressing the media with disgust is Kangana Ranaut who’s riding high on the success of Fashion. Amidst all her happiness, a sour moment has occurred with the press linking her up with Ek Niranjan (Kangana’s Telugu debut film) director Puri Jaganath who’s considered one of the hottest filmmakers of current times.

The illogical link up is unexplainable according to Kangana and she made it very apparent in her statement to Mumbai Mirror in which she said, “I should free myself from my last experience. I need to be ready to fall in love again, which I am not yet. Why can’t people imagine somebody single for sometime at least? It’s only been a month that Adhyayan [Suman] and I parted ways. Frankly, I don’t intend to date anybody for a year. Can people stop linking me up with random people? Have I no emotions.”

The actress said she has quite lovely memories from the time Adhyayan and her spent together which is a new experience for her because many of her previous relationships ended quite badly (i.e. Aditya Pancholi). Furthermore, the couple had a quite a mature breakup with Kangana fully understanding the fact that Adhyayan no longer wanted their relationship continue. We all know a billion ugly ways such a break up could have ended but thankfully it didn’t!

Addressing the inevitable question about friendship post relationship the actress said, “I am not a switch-on, switch-off kind of person. I need to give myself some time before we start talking again. After the break-up, we spoke just once and things felt better. After that, we haven’t spoken at all.”

Back on the professional front the actress some very exciting months coming up now as she heads to Durban soon for Anees Bazmee’s No Problem. Also lined up with Kites and Ek Niranjan are Once Upon A Time in Mumbai and Manu Weds Tanu (co-starring Madhavan).

Of course, link-ups and break-ups are all a part of life in Bollywood but with such a mature way of thinking and success knocking on her doorstep at every moment she’s surely not going to let anything weigh her down! Way to go Kangana!

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