Why We Love Harry Potter

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Soon the world will end, well not this world, but the world so many Muggles know and love. On 12:00am July 21st, we will finally get our hands on the last book, Book 7 of Harry Potter; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I do believe the world will stop at that time and if a UFO would be looking down at Earth they would report, “It is a very strange world, everywhere, everyone is reading the same book.”

But seriously it is a happy and devastating time for the fans of the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling has enchanted us since we first read “The Boy Who Lived” and has continued her tour de force story through seven books. I think she put a charm on the books so you cannot stop reading once you have started. Since many of us here at Bollyspice are Potter crazy and have the countdown clock on our desktops, we thought we would share some of our reasons of WHY WE LOVE HARRY POTTER.

“J.K. Rowling is a fantastic writer, who brings life to her characters. Her stories are easy to imagine and love. From old, majestic Dumbledore to evil, Voldemort, you cannot hate a character. Every character is thought out and has their own story. The story keeps on becoming grand and more complicated, but does not lose its invigorating charm. I have never kept down the book halfway, and that too very reluctantly. It takes you to this new magical world, where you wish you loved. Whatever might be the end, I will be sorry for this series to end, but I’m sure from a generation from now, my kids will also read these books. I will miss Harry Potter.”~ Satinder

“HP has all the darkness that makes you remember why you fear the dark.” ~Fina

“I love the Magical World because I’m too old to read Fairy Tales and Rowling has made an easier term for them, Harry Potter, which anyone can read without making it look like a guilty pleasure of reading Fairy Tales when you are old enough to be reading those to your kids.

I can connect to the Magical World because it’s based around an ordinary boy’s life (who doesn’t know that he’s extra-ordinary) and when we read, we read it as the Wizarding Community, instead of the Muggle World. Harry Potter books take away my mind from the life’s problems and makes me literally want to live in there. It’s so much more exciting to be Apparating instead of walking, it’s so easy to just shout Accio Burger, than having to walk down the stairs and grab the plate. I’d rather live in the magical world than our world any day and wonder if it does exist, and if it does, then hell yes, I am converting. Err.. it’s not possible to convert but I could be a squibb!” ~Faizan

“I love HP because I love stories that involve the fight between good and evil. Also, any stories that value love, friendship, trust, and loyalty speak to my heart. I like that Hermione is smart and proud to be so. Oh yeah, and these books are well written and engaging. I originally started reading them because I was thrilled that they were getting kids to read but I was hooked myself after reading Sorcerer’s Stone.” ~Stephanie

“Basically, Harry didn’t know he was a wizard, and that too a very popular and important one; he was actually raised in a household where he was treated with disgust and no love what so ever. When he found out the truth about his parents and how he survived a terrible fate, he didn’t start boasting. He has never been over-confident or cocky about all the times he’s had to face Lord Voldemort *shudder* because he believes it was pure luck and good timing that saved him every time. He was a normal boy who was put into that situation. He’s all about loving his friends even though he didn’t grow up in that kind of a loving environment. He just wants to live a life of a normal teenager and the reality of all this is what appeals to me the most. Plus, who doesn’t like magic? It makes life so much easier. I wish my dishes would clean themselves and my closet organize itself just by a tiny flick of my wand.” ~Maria

“It’s just sooo cool and interesting and the Harry Potter world is so well-developed, like it could actually exist.” ~Heena

“I’ve always been in awe of the world of magic and to see it come alive in JKR’s books is the most amazing feeling ever. I started reading the books when i was 7 years old and I still remember how on the day of my 11th birthday, I had waited expectantly for my owl, and I was so sad to find out I was a muggle. That’s what JKR books do to you, they make you want to enter a world with wands and witches. The Harry Potter series immediately draws the reader in with romance, mystery, thriller, horror, humor and other various genres all dwelling in them. To see a character like Harry, so brave at such a young age and an orphan, drew you into the books even more. JKR created a whole world of characters and beasts, like for instance we had all heard of creatures like elves or centaurs in myths or fairy tales, but to see them with personalities and characteristics was a wonder itself. You learned good from bad as you read the books and you felt what Harry felt, it has truly been one of the best books I have ever read in my life and it saddens me that it will come to an end soon.” ~Bahar

For me reading is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. To get lost in a book, in another world, has always been a favorite thing of mine. The Harry Potter books are written so amazingly that you forget everything around you and you cannot wait to turn the page to see where the story is going next. You believe Harry Potter, his friends, his adventures and the magical world they inhabit really exist. Diagon Alley is really a street lined with amazing shops to “get your bits and bobs for doing your wizardry”. Hogwarts is really a school with moving staircases, talking pictures, house elves and all your classes are lesson to learn to do magic. I realllllly want to go to Hogwarts! I love how detailed she made the world and that just makes it all the more real to the reader. I love the happy times in the stories, sob through the sad parts and well I just want to ride in the boats and go to Hogwarts, I want to fly on Buckbeak-I want to experience it all! But most importantly, I think is that her stories show that friendship and love are very important things. Harry Potter is Love.

To make us all want to be a part of the magical world so much makes JK Rowling a genius and her stories a masterpiece. We are all very sad to see the adventure come to a close!

By the way, JK Rowling if you happen to read this please please please you did not kill Harry did you?

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