YJHD is better than my 1st flm – Ayan Mukherjee

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The first trailer launch of Dharma Productions’ Ayan Mukherjee directed “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” was held at a suburban multiplex in Mumbai. In true Dharma tradition, Karan helmed the proceedings of the evening, starting with thanking the Dharma & UTV teams for all the efforts put into them being there. In his cheeky albeit effervescent tones, he went on to invite onto stage – the spine behind everything that goes on at Dharma, CEO Apporva Mehta, the struggling filmmaker, who Karan explained refused to ply with Karan’s plea to don a suit for the occasion, Ayan Mukherjee, the stunning, beautiful and breathtaking Ranbir Kapoor and finally to the truly stunning, beautiful and breathtaking Deepika Padukone. Aditya Roy Kapoor who was running late soon joined the team on stage just as they were getting settled down for Q&A.

After a quick round of introductions, short words from the cast, the trailer was played for the press, post which Karan opened the forum for round of Q&A, with a quick caveat ‘only related to the film’ However being true to its notorious fame, the press dismissed Karan’s instructions and went on to bombard Ranbir & Deepika with questions ranging from their equations, odd shooting moments, to the infamous ‘RK’ tattoo to their off-screen past, present and future. Despite the asinine questions that were thrown around, Ranbir & Deepika remained composed responding with an equal amount of sarcasm & wit until a visibly flummoxed Karan finally declared that they had gathered there to talk about the film and this wasn’t meant to be a ‘wedding invite’ ““I just want to tell you you’ve been invited for the press conference of a film, not a wedding!” he finally retorted

Aditya fondly recalled how he was a constant target for Ranbir’s pranks, while speaking about the movie; Ayan said he was confident it would be better than his first directorial ‘Wake up Sid’. Coupled with much eye-rolling moments, in Ranbir’s words “kamaal ka behuda sawaal” but at the end of it all a cracker of a trailer, we for one can’t wait for the film’s release on 31st May.

It’s time to let down your hair, wash off that frown, pull up your sleeves and celebrate love! There is nothing more enjoyable than reuniting with friends and making merry, rebinding the threads of friendship and camaraderie. After all, one cannot be wise and old without being young and crazy!

Check out the trailer & event stills from the trailer launch!

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