You Know You are Obsessed with Bollywood When…

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1. When you HAVE to watch KKHH/DDLJ/DTPH/HAHK whenever they’re shown on TV even if you’re up all night.

2. When every time you see an filmy acronym like above, you try to figure out which Bollywood movie it’s for. And of course, if it’s for a movie, you know what it is right away!

3. When what you expect from your significant other is based on Bollywood films, and you expect and want the person you’re with to be like a Bollywood hero/heroine.

4. When you dream about your favourite Bollywood star 24/7.

5. When you break into a song and dance without warning or dance in front of the mirror with filmy expressions and all!

6. When it’s raining outside and you wonder…why aren’t I dancing?

7. When you have a gajillion Bollywood DVD’s and you think it’s still not enough, and if anyone even BREATHES on them, you throw a hissy fit.

8. When you not only know information and gossip about Bollywood celebrities but also know about the people ‘behind the camera’ (such as directors, producers, singers, etc…).

9. When you can identify the exact place that an image is from, as soon as you see it – such as photo shoots or movie stills (even if someone cropped the image and only showed a portion of it).

10. When your iPod is all Hindi soundtracks so when people ask you ‘What kind of music do you listen to?’, prompt comes the reply ‘Bollywood!’ which usually evokes an interesting response!

11. When you already have a playlist for your wedding and all the songs are from your favorite Bollywood movies.

12. When you get defensive when someone (especially someone that’s never actually seen a Bollywood film or has seen a couple, at the most) says something negative or stereotypical about Bollywood, and you feel like it’s your duty to stand up for Bollywood and ‘enlighten’ that person.

13. When you learn Hindi just to understand the dialogues.

14. When you’re not Indian and everyone is calling your name when they hear, read or see anything related to India and Bollywood.

15. When you start thinking to yourself in Hindi, even though you don’t speak it.

16. When you weave filmy dialogues into your everyday life.

17. When you can sing every Bollywood song but can’t memorize formulas for your Calculus exam.

18. While watching a Hollywood movie that already seems so short, you say, “This is a perfect place for a song.”

19. When you ramble on and on about Bollywood to your non-Indian friends and force them to watch a Hindi film!

20. When you have countdown calendars for Bollywood movie and music releases but had no idea ‘Indiana Jones’ or ‘The Dark Night’ had released.

21. When you can relate anything in life to your favourite star or a Bollywood movie.

22. If someone has a Bollywood ringtone, you not only recognize it right away (within the first couple of notes/as soon as it starts playing) … but you smile to yourself and quietly approve of those people for having good taste.

23. When all your friends automatically come to you for all the latest Bollywood news and movies.

24. When you read this list just to make sure you’re not obsessed. You’re in denial!

25. When you know your name BELONGS in this list.

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