Your chance to win Heroes CDs!

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We’re holding our first contest for all our readers for a chance to win an Heroes audio CD, proudly sponsored by Eros Entertainment. To enter, simply answer the following five questions and send your answers to

Which model turned actor is one of the lead characters in the film Heroes?
a) Dino Morea
b) John Abraham
c) Arjun Rampal

Vatsal Seth and which other actor play the roles of bikers in the film?
a) Arbaaz Khan
b) Salman Khan
c) Sohail Khan

Which is the duet that is picturised on Salman Khan and Preity Zinta?
a) Mannata
b) Jannata
c) Kannada

What is the release date of the film?
a) 24th October 2008
b) 25th October 2008
c) 26th October 2008

Which one of the following music directors has composed the music of this film?
a) Anu Malik
b) Pritam
c) Monty Sharma

15 lucky winners to be chosen with a lucky draw. Hurry!

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