Zarine Khan Not Fatrina… Anymore

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Zarine Khan gained the name of Fatrina after she was introduced in a chubbier fashion to Bollywood. And things didn’t help when Veer flopped left, right and center. Nor did it help when her acting skills were criticized by all. Khan went on to claim that her flab was required for the film and so on. However, she is now determined to shed it all.

Not only has she acquired herself a trainer but she has been gymming, jogging and swimming on a daily basis. According to sources, she has already slimmed and trimmed down immensely, and results are showing. Sources also went on to claim that she has been paired with Salman Khan yet again in Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick. She however, chooses to take a “no comment” stand on the topic.

She is completely done with her chocolate diet that she was put on by Salman, who insisted she look like a weighty princess in Veer. Zarine went on to gorge on chocolates, pastries and cakes gaining over 10 kilos. She confirmed, “Every morning, I do pilates for an hour with Yasmin Karachiwalla. While weight training is thrice a week also with her… this is a strenuous cardio workout that is why it is also referred to as military training; it is also fast-paced. When I feel tired with the Boot Camp workout, I make sure I do brisk walking. I am usually at Joggers Park, Bandra.”

Needless to say, no more sweet treats for the actress; apparently she had too much of them during Veer.

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