Zayed Khan on being busy and choosy

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He’s often the Khan who is left behind in the big picture, however as soon as an appearance on the big screen is eminent the buzz around Zayed Khan starts up once again. In a recent interview with Mid-day’s Shaheen Parkar, Zayed spoke about his upcoming releases, plans for the future and much more.

The actor starts by admitting that he is not superstitious though he does say he is quite God conscious. Zayed has made plans to visit the dargah in Ajmer before the big release of Mission Istanbul. Since the subject was on MI, Shaheen cleverly slid in a question regarding the so-called friction between him and Vivek. As expected, Zayed immediately declares the rumours childish and false and adds that the movie has scope for each star featured and though he and director Apoorva Lakhia were on the same wave length, he has not received any more mileage than the next person. In the end he says that once audiences see the movie the rumours will be proven quite untrue.

The actor went on to talk about his character of a TV journalist in Mission Istanbul and added that this project is very important to him. Not only is the movie very important to him but also perhaps the most challenging of the batch he has done. The movie had the actor doing all sorts of very dangerous stunts that Zayed admitted he was rather comfortable doing. He also revealed that traveling around Turkey also was an experience, adding that his wife Malaika especially enjoyed the shopping at the Grand Bazaar.

Whilst on the topic of dangerous stunts, Zayed also gives us a few details on what is happening on the sets of Blue, his next release. The actor apparently has been diving 85 feet below water and if that doesn’t give you the chills, add in some shark friends and you are right there!

So it seems the laid back Khan is quite the busy body nowadays. After Mission Istanbul he continues with the shooting for Blue and in between he has to squeeze in schedules for Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraaj.

In the mean time log on next week for our review of Mission Istanbul, until then we wish the entire cast and crew all the best for this much awaited release!

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