3 Mani Ratnam Films for Vikram

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Hindi cinema continues to import Southern talents, be it the chirpy Genelia D’Souza, the musical mystro Yuvan Shankar Raja, the cinematic genius A R Murgadoss or the ever so popular Vikram.

Vikram has attainted the position of not only one of the most commercially successful actors down South but also one of the most critically acclaimed names of the industry. Audiences are guaranteed to flock to the cinemas if his name is in the cast list, and with the combined star power of the Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan, Raavan’s opening will be one hell of a sight!

The film is without a doubt one of the most talked about and awaited films in perhaps all the cast and crew’s careers, including that of Mani Ratnam who’s films carry with them an aura of excitement no matter who the cast. Now at last the film is wrapping and the Southern sensation Vikram gets candid with tabloids. “I play the hero in one version and the villain in the other. We’re shooting it in Telugu as well. As the roles I play are diametrically opposite, I feel like I’m doing three Mani Ratnam film,” he adds.

Raavan is set to hit screens worldwide this June and Vikram is simply buzzing with adrenaline, although not all the excitement is for Raavan. Much of it is due to the host of exciting projects he’s signed that are about to go on the floor. The actor won’t be gracing the Hindi screen much longer as he’s lined up a string of intriguing films down South ranging from fun entertainers to more serious genres, giving his fans an absolute variety!

Surely post Raavan he’ll have to juggle more than just Tamil offers as directors are bound to flock to his doorstep!

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