A look at Aashayein (Wishes)

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This Friday, August 27th, the delayed John Abraham starrer Aashayein will finally get its day on the silver screen. The film was directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and starring along with John are Girish Karnad, Farida Jalal, Anaitha Nair, and Sonal Sehgal. In Aashayein, we will see John Abraham in a new character and from what the director says a new side of the actor. “John is going to blow people’s minds with what they see of him in Aashayein. To change the perception of a good-looking guy like John as an actor was very exciting for me. Before this, John has not done even one-tenth of what he’s done in Aashayein. The audience will see him in a different light.”

The Story:
Rahul Singh, a compulsive gambler, has never picked the right horse. Then one day when he risks everything he has, the winning horse comes in making him incredibly wealthy. The same evening while celebrating his new life, he proposes to his girlfriend Nafisa, and suddenly collapses. A diagnosis reveals that he has an incurable cancer that has already reached its final stage. He is told that he has 90 days to live.

Faced with the realization that death is inevitable and filled with anger at the rotten hand fate has dealt him, he runs away from his home and fianc

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