A Wednesday!

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Said to be one of the most acclaimed films this year, A Wednesday! sure has several surprises to offer. Many probably assume that this will be just another one of those terrorism flicks–same old, same old. Think again, because this most certainly is not! A Wednesday! is a powerful drama that mirrors society and its virtues in a completely unique way.

A Wednesday! is a story that portrays the great lengths a common man can go to simply for the solitude and peace of mind. It’s a neatly woven tail, capturing apprehension, intensity and drama with a strong grasp. It holds on straight from the beginning and does not let go until the credits start to roll. But even then, its bold subject stays glued to your mind.

Police Commissioner, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) is a headstrong guy who has a ton of willpower. He is put to the test when he receives a threatening phone-call demanding the release of four deadly terrorists. The caller (Naseeuradin Shah), who is anonymous to the characters, gives instructions as to what steps must be followed. The caller’s ambiguous identity stumps the police department who begin to realize that they are dealing with a mastermind. He seems to be a terrorist…but is he really?

Prakash Rathod grows relentless on his mission not to give into this mysterious caller. But after a chain of events, Prakash’s strong stand begins to crumble. Eventually, he decided to give in. At this point in the story, certain events lead to several altering events in quick succession that lead to a strange twist.

As mentioned, the film contains many surprises. Thankfully, they are pleasant ones. To be completely honest, one would expect this film to be a run of the mill flick about terrorism, like so many others we’ve seen recently. But no! A Wednesday! turns out to be the dark horse of the year, speeding at breathtaking mileage that evokes a fury of emotions within the audience. What really shows is the effort that went into this film. From the director all the way to the lighting crew, everything is pitch-perfect. It’s almost as if the entire crew wouldn’t let go of the film until it was looked over several times. Amongst today’s filmmakers, such dedication is really a pleasure to see. If there’s anything that could maybe be improved in the film, it’s the pacing at a few parts. But even this is almost negligible because of the brilliance of the film.

The performances in A Wednesday! truly leave you speechless. It’s hard to sum up performances that are so strikingly real from the entire cast. They lit the screen on fire! Cheesy, but so true.

Anupam Kher has always been an A-lister as far as I’m concerned. Consistently, he has managed to deliver and to deliver big time. But with A Wednesday!, Kher really sped up and beat himself at his own game. I can’t hesitate a beat when saying this is truly his best work till date.

Nasseeuradin Shah is a perfectionist and it always shows. He really gets into the skin of the characters that he portrays, making you see the film from a different point of view. In this film, he has given a performance that is perfection in mind, body and soul. Words fail me when asked to describe this performance. Personally, I believe he deserves the Best Actor award but naturally it will probably go to more popular actors.

As well, Jimmy Shergill is an extremely honest actor who does an amazing job. He has proved himself in all his roles, no matter how good the film is. For this film, he deserves a standing ovation. Even if his role wasn’t as big as the other two characters, he does what he does best and that is compromise. His effort clearly shows through his noteworthy performance.

Every other performance is an electrifying blend of intensity and the art of being suave.

The music of this film, or rather the thrilling beats in the background, are very complimentary toward the bold subject this film revolves around. Kudos to the musicians!

The cinematography is etched with excellence. Topnotch and unprecedented, this one really should collect all those awards – popular or not! Art direction is one aspect that I truly believe in. In A Wednesday!, the art direction is flawless.

Truly, it’s your own loss if you miss this one. Watch it and be enlightened on the many struggles regular human beings face simply as a member of society. A Wednesday! is an honourable film and without hesitation, I am privileged to give it a near-perfect rating.

Our Rating

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