Aamir plays a double role

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Aamir Khan is taking on a double role but not the sort you would imagine. Not only is the brilliant actor taking on the role of a Punjabi bride, he is also playing the bridegroom. However it is not for a film role that Aamir is donning a pink salwar kameez and a blue sherwani it is for an ad for Tata Sky. Director Neeraj Vora said, “We chose a Punjabi couple because they are usually outspoken, their excitement is wider and they are so colourful.”

Becoming a woman for an ad is amazing in itself but it is even more incredible because he does not change from one character to the other, he is actually dressed so that on one side he is a woman and then he turns and on the other side a man! About shooting the spot Aamir told Midday, “I had to change my body language from a woman to a man in a split second so the mind had to be alert and sharp. It was bizarre because it’s me as a man and a woman, just by turning around.”

Aamir also changes his voice to high for the bride and low for the groom for their fight about which satellite company to use. She wants “technological sky” and he insists on “baroseman Tata”. Of course they figure out that they both want the same thing and then it is happily ever after!

Mickey Contractor (makeup), Arjun Bhasin (costumes) and Adhuna Akhtar(hairstylist) all worked together to create everything needed to complete the look that has to be seen to be believed. Aamir’s feminine side has a red lipstick while the male side has a mustache. He also wears a wig, which Aamir said was very “tricky” half with a long braid and half with male cut.

Aamir was so intrigued by the concept that he produced the ad himself, “We were really holding our breath when we approached Aamir with the concept, but he bought it,” said Vikram Mehra, chief marketing officer of Tata Sky.

Vora said “Aamir has the capacity to surprise. Working with him is like driving a Mercedes or BMW over any other car.” Adding, “I knew Aamir would play it best.”

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