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Female orientated scripts are still in scarcity in Indian cinema despite it being the 21st century. However, in the horizon is a project attempting to diminish this scarcity – Aamras. The film is directed by Rupali Guha and she is psyched to bring on screen a film about friendship, about trust and most importantly about four girls coming of age. The film is set to release this September and boasts of four fresh faces in leading roles. As fresh as the first look, the director’s vision and the leading ladies, so is the official soundtrack which is vibrant, girly and simply a lot of fun! Read on to discover just how fresh Shamir Tandon and Tabun Sutradhar make this girly album!

The album kicks start with Jabse Hui Hum Jawaan. On first hearing you may not take an instant liking to the track because the introductory rap was just a big mistake. However, everything turns brighter when the beautiful voices of Sumedha Karamahe and Sumitra Iyer come in. The lyrics are real – speaking of coming of age and the many opportunities that lies ahead. Despite such great lyrics and vocals the mid inserts of rap by Sharon Aamir are simply a deal breaker. A part from that the track is surely to strike a chord with all the young girls!

Up next is We Are the Queens – Club Mix and as soon as it starts you know that the track title doesn’t kid around with the ‘club mix’ part – it’s techno and up beat. Three talented young ladies, Anushka Manchanda Pratichee Mohaptra and Mahua Kamat are at the microphone. This is another track about everything girly at the age of 18, the low jeans, the short tops and of course the tricks of handling boys. Music director Shamir Tandon made a great call getting new vocals on the track because the song definitely demanded it. Swap the techno and club beats with some trendy electric guitars, key board and drums and you’ll have a perfectly ‘Rock(ing)’ version of the same track and this the makers have done for you with a separate Rock version of the ‘We Are the Queens’ which is as enjoyable as the club mix!

Then comes a very soothing track with the entry of Kailash Kher in Chote Chote Pairon Ke Tale. The track is simply beautiful! There is no better word to describe it. Instruments are subtle and soft and Kailash’s dynamic voice is all the song really needed. Keeping in track with the theme of ‘coming of age’ this track looks at these young ladies from the adult perspective as they watch them embark on their journey in the big world without the need of anyone’s help! This one is a track not to be missed!

Shweta Pandit enters next with a very entertaining track titled Sambhali Hai Kitne Dino Se. Like the majority of the album this one can also be not put into a particular genre of music. It starts seeming like quite a ‘desi’ track but then turns into a an up-beat rock styled number in the chorus. However, the fusion is simply sensational and what’s even more sensational is Shweta’s voice which is simply a delight to listen to. Why does she not sing more often? As for the lyrics, it talks about the delicate relationship of being friends and the many roller coaster rides one goes on in a friendship. Definitely one track you may consider putting on repeat in the car or on IPOD!

Next comes another a girly track titled Koi Bhi Kuch Soche and the title of course gives away the rest of the track! This time its the ‘Its The Time To Disco’ chick Vasundhra Das brings the house down with her peppy and unique vocals. Vadundhra’s voice has the perfect amount of femininity, self confidence and ‘cheekiness’ that the song requires. Music by Tabun Sutradhar is perfect! Not too loud and not too soft. It’s got upbeat portions to make you want to dance around and it also caters for soothing portions where you simply want to sit down and absorb the beauty of the music and the vocals. Sensational track!

The album ends with the second male vocals of the album given by Jojo in the track Tera Bin Soona Sona Hai Jaahan. Music by Tabun is of a rock genre and the lyrics boast of a love story. However, despite the track having great lyrics and music, the let down is the vocals by Jojo, especially after you’ve listened to six tracks of sensational female vocals and of course the great Kailash Kher. So, maybe give this one a miss since it doesn’t impress as much as the others.

On the whole Aamras is definitely a must listen this season with only two tracks (‘Tere Bina’ and ‘Jabse Hum Hue Jawaan’) that remain unimpressive from a list of seven. It’s fresh, it’s delightful and most importantly the lyrics boast of stories that you and I can relate to. Of course the album may not popular with the gents as it mostly caters of the ladies. So girls get you best pals together for a musically enriched night with Aamras and be sure to watch out for this intriguing venture in cinemas this September!

Our Rating

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