Abbas-Mustan set to remake yet another Hollywood flick…

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During a period when most directors tend to scorn blatant copying from Hollywood, director duo Abbas-Mustan continue to create “inspired” works of cinema, their latest release being the hit Race. Perhaps the saddest part is, they have no qualms about admitting this, as they gear up for their next remake which is of the successful Hollywood film, The Italian Job.

Speaking to IndiaFM, they say, “Studio 18 thought of us for an Indian Italian Job after seeing how we shot the chase sequences in Race. Two years ago to execute the intricate action scenes in The Italian Job would’ve been tough. Today we can comfortably pull it off. Our producers are willing to go all out. No expenses will be spared to make sure our The Italian Job is as good as the original.”

The new version will be completely ‘Indian-ised’ and will have two extra heroines (in comparison to the original which only had Charlize Theron). The villain will be played by a leading male actor, Abbas explains. He says, “It seems every major hero in Mumbai has always wanted to do The Italian Job. It’s got everything from a heist to comedy.”

The only silver lining is that Studio 18, who is producing the film, has bought the rights to re-make it. Personally, I don’t believe this is any consolation because it would be nice to see them make a single original film.

Also note that the 2003 version of The Italian Job was a re-make of Hollywood’s very own 1969 version with Michael Caine.

The following is a list of some of Abbas-Mustan’s major films and their sources.

Baazigar – A Kiss Before Dying
Race – Goodbye Lover
Naqaab – Dot the ‘i’
36 China Town – Once Upon a Crime
Aitraaz – Disclosure
Ajnabee – Consenting Adults
Baadshah – Nick of Time

You tell us, do you think Abbas-Mustan are doing the right thing by re-making yet another Hollywood hit?

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