Abhay Spilts with Miss Great Britain

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Abhay Deol is said to be a quite popular with the ladies and was recently said to be dating Preeti Desai, Miss Great Britain 2006. The duo were introduced to one another at the success party of Dev and while the model had recently moved to Mumbai to pursue her modeling career, Abhay took off to New York as he took some time off as a sabbatical.

According to sources, their split was expected. “Abhay enjoys life. His parting with Preeti is not shocking. It was bound to happen sooner or later. They have different likes and dislikes, which is one of the reasons why they could not sustain their relationship.” However, unlike most couples who split on unfriendly terms, the duo are still friend and in fact still in touch.

Preeti went on to clarify, “Abhay and I are single. We are friends. I will not say whether or not I was dating Abhay. That’s my personal life and I don’t talk about it. At this point of time, I am friends with a lot of people in the industry.”

Abhay is currently working with Sonam Kapoor in the upcoming remake of Jane Austen’s Emma titled, Aisha.

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