Abhi-Aish wins Glam Couple 2008 award

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Still in a happy post-honeymoon mood, the younger Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan courteously received the award and were thrilled about it.

This year the criteria for selecting the winning couple was an evolved one. The glamour and style proportion was dominant. The couple had to be popular choice and they also had to have made an impact!

When receiving the award, Aish tried modesty, “It’s the perception of you all that has accorded us this status…”, while Abhishek sounded like his father as he said, “Iss award ke zariya hum jitney bhi chahane wale fans hain, unko dhanyavad kehna chahenge. ..”

This time last year, these Bachchans weren’t even in this category but now as they are in, they plan on hanging to it, maybe even next year!

The Zoom Glam Awards 2008 is the zenith of one year of scrutiny, depending on the glam-content. The high-glam awards were given away at a dazzling ceremony to rejoice the performance and success mantra of 2008 on the 8th of January.

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