Abhishek’s Innocence

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Innocence is bliss. This week on the popular Oye! It’s Friday hosted by Farhan Akhtar, Abhishek Bachchan, who appearing as a guest, will prove that innocence is not only bliss but can be naughty too.

Bachchan Junior has always admitted to being a huge Zeenat Aman fan and no doubt still believes she is the hottest of them all. The story goes back many hay days when Abhishek was a young boy and he had accompanied his father on an outdoor shoot for the making of Mahaan. Apparently, after a cast and crew dinner, Aman had informed everyone that she was extremely tired and would be “hitting the bed.” Abhishek heard the remark and innocently asked if he could join her in bed too!

Abhishek went on and apologized to Zeenat-ji on Farhan’s show claiming that his proposition was “sheer innocence.” Catch Oye! Its Friday this week to witness more interesting confessions and hot gossip from Abhishek Bachchan – the dude himself.

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