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Recently, the Hindi music industry has been bombarded with album after album after quite a lull. Two of our music reviewers (Stacey Yount and Aly Kassam) decided to mix things up a bit this time around and present a review of A. R. Rahman’s latest soundtrack, Ada, in a slightly more creative way.

Considering how incredibly innovative Rahman is himself, the two reviewers decided to do something different as well! We thought that this would make it more interesting for our writers to write and more importantly for our readers to read.

Before we begin, it should be mentioned that Rahman has worked on this album for nearly a decade — making it quite special in the sense that it consists of old world melodies as well as new age sounds. Allow Mrs Yount and Mr Kassam to take you through the musical journey of Ada!

The story begins with ‘Ishq Ada’…

I absolutely love the laid-back feel of this song. It never sounds too intense but it doesn’t sound too mellow either. Rashid Ali, who just sang in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, does something different with this track–a complete turnaround from ‘Kabhi Kabhi Aditi’. Rahman seems to have experimented a bit rather than taking a conventional route and it shows. I like it, but it’s not exactly a classic for me.

I liked it, though I thought it was a good song, not a great song. I did love Rashid Ali’s voice and the inflection he puts in the lyrics. Very relaxed and it flows well; the phrasing of the music was fantastic. Overall, I enjoyed listening to it. I also liked the female version of the song, sung by Parul Mishra. She has a lovely voice that conveyed the tone of the track nicely. I liked the music a bit better on the female version, especially with the acoustic guitar and the rock guitar coming in every now and then. Both are nice, so take a listen.

Our Rating

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