Adah Sharma Thrilled with Thrills

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Tipped as one of the hot new actresses to watch in 2009, 1920’s Adah Sharma is all set to thrill her audiences once again in Phhir. Filmed once again in the UK, in Newcastle, Phhir is a story of extra-sensory perception and karma. “Phhir is about the law of causation – the consequence of your actions, or karma,” Adah explains, “Why me? We often ask ourselves, when the right question to ask is — Why not me? What your karma brings upon you is not retribution but a chance to grow and rehabilitate yourself, a chance to act differently when confronted with a situation similar to the one in your past.”

Adah had to engage in many daredevil stunts whilst making the film, including hanging upside down from the side of a container ship – the Ice Maiden. “I had to hang for a few hours from the deck of the ship and since I’m not afraid of heights, I decided to do the scene myself,” she explains, “The action director warned me that if I fall off, I’d be frozen in a few seconds since the water was minus 20 degrees!”

Although Adah once again stars opposite Rajneish Duggall in Phhir, they do not play a couple as they did in 1920. “TV actress Roshni Chopra, of Kasamh Se and Comedy Circus fame is debuting with Phhir plays Rajniesh’s wife who disappears under mysterious circumstances,” explains a source, “Thus Rajniesh ropes in Adah, a mystic woman to find his beloved wife. Phhir is an intriguing suspense love story which revolves around karma.”

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