Adah Sharma’s Spooky Tale

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Newcomer Adah Sharma has a spooky tale to tell about the Yorkshire house where Vikram Bhatt has been shooting the supernatural chiller, 1920. “Everyone at Yorkshire said the castle we shot in was haunted, that a single old man stayed there,” she explains, “His wife died when she was young and her spirit still lives there. There was a painting of a woman with dark black hair and blue eyes and we all thought I resembled her. So, the photographer asked me to get a photo taken standing in front of the painting. The caretaker said that any pictures taken in front of the painting never come out. But, we went ahead and took a few pictures anyway – but, when we transferred the pictures to a laptop, the pictures taken in front of the painting were all blurred or blank.”

How does Adah feel about her role in 1920? “Well, I have a very deglamourised image in the film because I’m shown unwell in the film. I have a challenging role and the film is really brilliant. I can’t reveal much this time,” she comments.

The film revolves around Indian Arjun (Rajneesh Duggal) and his love for Anglo-Indian Lisa (Adah Sharma). They move into a cursed house in the north of England. It’s a house that everyone who has owned it has tried to pull down but it seems to have a life of its own. A battle ensues between the curse of the house and the love of our two newcomers – who will survive?

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