Aditya Narayan confesses to being a typical boy!

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One doesn’t often meet someone who openly declares the “healthy appetite” of a normal young man but that is until they meet Aditya Narayan, son of Udit Narayan. Aditya has just purchased a private crib in Lokhandawala, not to officially live in but for special activities. He says that he has his share of female company and that’s perhaps one of the reasons for the imperative need of this bachelor crib.

The child artist, ex-tv host and soon to be singer and actor has just turned 21 and will soon be debuting in Shapit in which he has sung all his songs. He said, “I am singing all my own songs, though not composing them. I’d love to compose not just for my own starrers but also for outside producers. The music scene has changed. It’s no longer tightly hierarchy-based as it used to be during my father’s heydays. Today, we have young filmmakers who are open to any kind of ideas.”

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