Agyaat marketing gimmick gone wrong

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A marketing gimmick for RGV’s latest thriller Agyaat backfired when a resident reported to the police that a corpse was hanging from a billboard in Amboli. When the police arrived, they found it was a promotion for a new movie. “We rushed to the spot after receiving the call,” said Inspector Kailash Gamande, “The puppet looked very life-like and gruesome and a large mob had gathered thinking that the hanging man was a victim of a gruesome murder.”

Residents demanded that the gruesome effigies be removed and the producers UTV obliged but Ram Gopal Varma defended the stunt. “Since Agyaat falls in the scary film genre where something is out to kill everyone, we had planned this concept as an outdoor innovation for creating a mood in the context of the film,” he explained.

Agyaat stars Nitin Reddy, Nisha Kothari, Rasika Dugal and up-and-coming Joy Fernandes and has a Predator-like theme. To ensure that even the actors don’t know the ending of the film so it wouldn’t leak out, RGV shot multiple endings. “Yes…we have shot different endings for Agyaat,””he confirmed, “One of the major reasons for shooting different ends is that I did not want anyone to know the ending. Actually, apart from me and my editor no one else knows the ending of Agyaat till the actual prints are made.”

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