Akshay Kumar: Hollywood Producer

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International Ambassador for Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, once again puts his name on the Hollywood map. Akshay holds his affiliations with Canada close to his heart as he further cements his ties with the country by switching to his latest role of producer for upcoming Hollywood film Breakaway and indeed being the first established Bollywood star to cut across national barriers to make films in the world’s richest film market.

Directed by Robert Lieberman (who recently finished filming The Tortured, produced by the makers of blockbuster horror flick Saw), Breakaway will star Emily Van Camp, star of the popular TV series Brothers and Sisters, and catapult Akshay’s global reputation even higher into the international arena. Akshay will commence the filming of Breakaway in Canada next month, describing the project as “A cross-cultural emotional family comedy with an ice-hockey background.”

Akshay’s ongoing promotion of Canada was honoured by his recent appointment by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) as their Ambassador for Canada in India. On commenting on the appointment, the acting maestro said although he has been a big friend of Canada for the past 15 years, it is a real privilege to officially promote the country in India and he is taking his role very seriously.

Acknowledging that Indian tourists prefer destinations like New York, London, Bangkok or Los Angeles, Akshay will “try to put Canada on the map as a tourist destination for Indians”, further highlighting, “although it is a bit cold at times, Canada has nothing but warm and friendly people. Add to this the natural beauty of Alberta, B.C. Halifax, the multiculturalism of Toronto and the unique culture of Montreal, you have an ideal destination for vacation.”

The actor has also revealed his intention to split his time between India and Canada once he retires from his acting career.

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