Akshay Kumar’s Daredevil Stunts Finally Arrive on UK Small Screen

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Bollywood action supremo Akshay Kumar finally brings the adrenaline rush of his high octane, small screen series – Fear Factor 2 – Khatronke Khiladi – to UK, courtesy of COLORS. Famed for his on-screen daredevil stunts, Akshay is back for the second, action-packed series of the hit reality show which will be aired in UK exclusively on COLORS, commencing on 22nd March 2010.

Fear Factor 2 takes the action stakes even higher in terms of A-list celebrity participants, the difficulty level of challenges and even the levels of danger facing Akshay and his daring team of 13 contestants. They find themselves on a journey of mind boggling and physically gruelling adventure, but this time the bar has been raised across the board.

Fear Factor 2 will thrill UK audience senses with gorgeous beauties, dangerous stunts and the dashing Akshay Kumar. With his background in martial arts and passion for adrenaline sports, the number one India action hero is one of the few actors to perform his own film stunts and he now promises to take the viewer on a roller coaster ride of extreme stunts, galloping emotions and never before seen action on the small screen.

Fear Factor 2 arrives in UK on 22nd March 2010, exclusively on COLORS.

COLORS, India’s number one entertainment channel, is available on Sky’s Digital Satellite platform on Channel No. 829. Also coming soon on the VIEWASIA package.

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