Akshay speaks out against the UK Riots!

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Akshay Kumar took to the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to voice his concerns over the riots and looting that took place across England.

The Bollywood actor wrote, “It is so shocking only weeks after filming HOUSEFULL 2 in London, that London and England is now being destroyed by its very own misled youths. The circumstance for which these horrific riots came about is very sad, but this is no way to handle vengeance.”

Akshay went onto say, “I have friends in London restricted to their homes for fear of being robbed or caught in fire blasts on their way to work or shopping.

“The world is suffering enough, Africa is dying of thirst, the Middle East is on full alert, India is getting over its own terror attacks, but good old England the very country so many rely on is being battered by its own angered youngsters who have threatened & abused the very city that has taken care of them!!

“I really hope everyone back in England keep themselves as well as their families safe. Stay low for a while or if u want fight back, but safely, it is your prerogative after all…

“People this is not the way to make your voice heard, i understand why people are angry but in this day and age how do humans still react the same way cave men once did…

“Let’s all take care of our countries, they may not work exactly how we want them to but they keep us safe/warm/clothed/employed (most of the time) …”

Akshay Kumar ended his post by saying, “Love and Prayers to all mankind…”

Other Bollywood actors, such as Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Dia Mirza, also took to twitter to voice their opinions on the shocking events.

Shahid Kapoor tweeted, “Sad sad sad ….. To c this side of the human animal !!! Worst than animals in the wild ! Prayers for all effected ! Peace out man.”

Actress Sonam Kapoor retweeted several tweets about the riots one included, “We pray for the protection of lives and properties in London. Love and Peace. Let it Prevail.”

With reference to the Southhall Sikhs guarding the mosques so Muslims could pray safely, actress Dia Mirza tweeted, “It is at times of conflict when true human character is revealed. #londonriots.”

Violence erupted in the capital on August 6th and spread throughout the country to major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham, where looting, violent behaviour and the burning of buildings took place over several days.

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