Akshay the Daredevil

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Within a day of returning from Germany, Bollywood’s resident daredevil Akshay Kumar was back on set, performing his own stunts in a high-octane action sequence for Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy.

The Khiladi had been in Hamburg undergoing hydrotherapy treatment for an ongoing back injury — an injury he originally incurred through his love of dangerous stunts. Pre-treatment, whether Akki would be able to perform some of the necessary cable-work required of him in the action-packed climax of Action Replayy was seriously in question.

“It’s true we were very unsure about what shape Akshay’s back would be in once he returned from his hydro treatment. The climax of Action Replayy required very complex and strenuous stunts on wire-cables. I offered to change the climax and do away with the cable stunts. After all, those are tough even for actors with normal healthy backs. Akshay told me to wait until his return before taking a final call,” said director Vipul Shah.

While the director is reportedly at pains to ensure Akshay doesn’t aggravate his injury, it seems it is hard to stop the action-man from doing what he loves. “I’m back on my feet and doing action scenes for Vipul’s film. The treatment worked fully and I am completely recovered,” was Akki’s only comment.

His enthusiasm for his work has reportedly even encouraged a nervous Kirron Kher up onto the cables! As Vipul Shah comments: “Akshay is so charged and enthusiastic he will soon have the whole cast and crew on cables.”

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