Akshaye on ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap’

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After a dramatic film and then an action thriller Akshaye Khanna will next be seen in the comedy genre. His new film is Mere Baap Pehle Aap, a Priyadarshan comedy, and it opens in theaters this Friday, June 13th. The film’s cast also includes Genelia D’Souza and Paresh Rawal. About the film Akshaye said, “After a long time a good comedy film has come, I am very happy with it and looking forward to it.”

Akshaye said he decided to a comedy because the script appealed to him, “Apart from the storyline of Mere Baap being unique, I share a very good rapport with the director, Priyadarshan, even though our first project Doli Sajake Rakhna was a disaster. He complements me as an actor. Generally the trend is that if the first movie doesn’t do well, then actors don’t prefer to work with the director or vice versa but it was not the case with Priyadarshan. After four years, we worked together again and enjoyed the experience.”

About co-star Genelia D’Souza, Akshaye said, “She is extremely sweet and a thorough professional. She fits the role. Unlike those who try to ape others, she has got her own style of acting.”

He and Paresh had a wonderful time on set together, he revealed, but it was lots of work and not much play: “The two of us had the house on fire. We used to chat for long hours. Apart from that, there was no scope for fun on Priyadarshan’s sets as we only worked and shot on a very fast pace.”

He was last seen last year’s brilliant Gandhi My Father and though Mere Baap is also about a father and son there is a big difference, “But the mood and concept are entirely different. Here, the son puts his middle-aged, widowed father’s (Paresh Rawal) happiness before his and is also over protective of him.”

The story of the film revolves around Akshaye’s character’s search for a bride for his father, however along the way, old loves come back into both father and son’s life. So on the film reel he is looking for a wife for his father and perhaps finds it for himself, but about marriage for real he said, “No never maybe.”

In the pipleline, Akshaye has Shortkut-The Con with Amrita Rao but he says, “It’s too early to talk about it.”

Be sure to see Mere Baap Pehle Aap when it comes to theaters this Friday the 13th of June!

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